Muscle tension along with cramps in foot and calf

cramps in foot and calf with muscle tension  Q: I feel my muscles tense up, and I have cramps in my left foot and calf at times. I also easily get knots around my right shoulder blade and on the right side of my neck – I am right-handed. I wish I could relax my muscles. Yoga helps, but only for a short time. Any recommendation?

A: Thank you for your inquiry. When your muscles tense up & you have cramps in your foot & calf, this can be a sign of not getting sufficient intakes of potassium &/or magnesium &/or calcium. I see you’ve been using Mag Cal Plus or the Multi Cal Mag Liquid for the past year. Do you prefer one of these over the other? How much of these are you taking daily? In addition to your mineral supplement, I could recommend these (see weblinks):

LSP Spamol – may be a good product to add to your day to help with the muscle cramps and tension. This has chelated calcium and magnesium along with synergistic herbs, known for their ability to assist in the reduction of muscle spasms and to calm the nervous system. Low calcium levels in the blood will result in a spasmodic and hypersensitive nervous system. Studies show that magnesium has a clinical effect on fatigue and insomnia disorders, and it helps to enhance the transport of potassium into the cells that have been disturbed by fatigue and stress. Recommended dose is: Take two capsules two times daily with meals.

Potassium – potassium can be depleted by caffeine, stress, diuretics and hypertensive medications. Try one capsule two to three times daily with meals.

It is also important to eat a whole foods based diet, high in fruits and veggies to help with our high need for potassium daily (adults need at least 3500mg daily). Most adults don’t even come close to this in our daily diets.

As far as your knots in your right shoulder blade & neck, this could be do to repetitive movement and sleeping patterns. I get these because I work on the computer a lot and usually sleep on my right side. Besides a good diet and taking supplements, which do help, I also see a good chiropractor (who used bio-electrical stimulation) and get periodic massage. I find getting a massage to be the best approach for these issues if you can find one that does deep tissue massage. Hope these recommendations help you with your situation!

These supplements can also be shipped to Canada from our Canadian website here:
LSP Spamol –
Potassium –