14 Guilt-Free Midnight Snacks

fridge with food

It’s late. You haven’t eaten in hours. Your stomach grumbles. And suddenly that pint of Ben and Jerry’s buried in the back of your freezer is calling your name. You grit your teeth and try to tough it out, but you’ve been here before and you know willpower isn’t going to save you. It’s like […]

17 Fitness Secrets for the Super Busy

very busy woman

See if the following sounds familiar… You’re up at 5am to check emails on your phone. You wake up the kids, make breakfasts and lunches, and get them off to school. After that it’s into the car for the commute to work—an 8+ hour day. You haul yourself home, pick up the kids. Next is […]

14 Effective Ways to Protect Yourself Against Chronic Stress

Laughter is an antidote for stress.

Stress is a good thing. I know that sounds ridiculous, but consider the following… A gazelle is feeding. It sees a hungry lion. Automatically its pupils dilate. The gazelle is breathing faster and its heart is pumping in overdrive. Thanks to a sudden burst of energy, the gazelle is able to run away from the […]

The Truth About Organic Food

Organic Labels

We’ve all heard the controversy over organic food. On one hand, people claim that choosing organic is a must for optimal health and that anything else is poison. On the other, are those who claim that the “organic” label is nothing but a marketing ploy—that there are no real differences between organic and conventionally grown […]

5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sleep

Whey do we sleep?

Sleep. You need it. It’s critical for your health. And I’d bet you aren’t getting nearly enough. Whether it’s due to a bad mattress, noisy neighbors, a baby, a clingy pet, a demanding career or whatever the cause, lack of sleep can have very serious consequences. The National Geographic Channel recently outlined the grave danger […]

Sugar Addiction: 7 Effective Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings

sugar addiction

Obesity is epidemic. Cases of metabolic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, are skyrocketing at an alarming rate. Heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and other chronic illnesses grip the American population. Two-thirds of us are sick, and if trends continue this number is only likely to increase. The culprit? While there is no single cause, one dietary demon […]

Dieting? This Secret Tip Will Keep You Sane and Trim

Pretty girl eating fruit salad, healthy fresh breakfast, dieting and health care concept

Trying to lose weight? Well, I have bad news for you: it’s not going to be easy. Not that I’m discouraging you. In fact, I’m right behind you, cheering you on, hoping you can achieve your optimal weight. But there’s just one little problem… Dieting doesn’t work. If you’ve ever tried the endless list of […]